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What is Hand Tied Hair Extension and how long does it last?

Hand Tied Extension is all the rave right now by celebrities and beauty gurus alike...this method of hair extension application is trending due to the many benefits it provides. Instantly adding long beautiful locks to your natural hair. Hand tied extensions leaves behind zero damage to your hair. This method can be used to add length, volume or both! How is this method done, you ask? The hair wefts are sewn to a foundation of non-slip micro link bead by threading in an interlooping fashion, meaning the finished result is flatter and more versatile when applied between partied sections on the head. For additional security, the wefts are sewn into the beads attached to the clients natural hair, creating a seamless stitch along the sectioned hairline, sewing through each link will ensure the hair remains intake after washing and styling. Unlike other hair extension methods, there is no heat or glue involved. This method is strictly a sew method, which helps keep the integrity of your natural hair intake. All of hand-tied hair extensions are 100% human hair. Therefore, the hair can be colored, dyed, curled, etc. Please allot 3 to 4 hours session for your first appointmet, this time allows for a brief consultation as well. Maintenance: We recommend no longer that 6 weeks of wear and you will need to have the hair moved up and tightened, but this may be no different than a new installation depending on the condition of the hair once removal is done. If you wait too long for maintenance that is essentially a new installation.

What is Brazilian Knot Hair Extension and how long does it last?

This method is very versatile with the flexibility to add as much volume as you desire - think high ponytail and bombshell voluminous curls! This is a strand by strand hair extension method that sees new hair added and secured by the wrapping of elasticized threads around sections of your natural hair. The addition of hair is added little by little, by securing just a few strands at a time for better fitting. Volume is customizable with this hair extension method, especially for those who have natural thick hair texture. This method is not recommended for fine hair, due to the possibility of easy slippage. The elasticized thread that is used has been especially designed to avoid any sort of damage to the hair and to allow for a high level of creativity and versatility in the styling methods that can be achieved. It also creates an incredibly strong yet flexible bond that is durable while being very kind on the hair around it. This hair extensions method does not involve glue or any other kind of material that could damage your hair. This means that they won’t react badly to conditions such as heat or water and is ideal for a woman who lives an active lifestyle and doesn’t want to worry about looking after her hair every moment of the day. You can also expect that the extensions will remain in very good shape and grouped together until it is time to get them taken out professionally. Some people may feel a little bit of tightness over the first couple of days after they are fitted but this will go away, while others don’t feel any sort of discomfort at all. Despite it being just about the most lightweight way of adding hair extensions possible, some ladies also say that they can “feel” the extensions at first. After a few days this sensation will disappear completely and it will all feel exactly like your own natural hair. Ideally, your own hair will need to be around 6 to 8 inches (although at The Parlour Nolita, we are very experienced and so can work with hair that is only 3 to 4 inches in length) in order for these extensions to be fitted perfectly in place. The process for adding these extensions is comfortable and smooth, installation can be up to five hours, depending on the amount of volume to be added. Upon consultation you will be advised how long the fitting will take in your case, depending upon the condition and length of your own hair. Expect it to take up to five hours for the full process to be completed. However, at The Parlour Nolita, as we are very experienced, we usually take 2-3 hours for the whole process from applying the brazilian knots hair extension to cutting, blending and styling. Types of Hair That Are Suitable: This method of making hair longer and fuller can applied to any type of hair provided that is in good condition and of a reasonable length. It is particularly popular with women who have afro and mixed race hair and who want a beautiful and natural look. It may be that you need to get your own hair straightened before getting brazilian knot hair extensions added in, to make it easier to add the extensions and get a wonderfully uniform look. This is a move that makes a lot of sense and that can be done easily using a powerful yet safe hair straightening treatment such as keratin treatment, we do offer this service. In fact, by doing the keratin treatment process the persons’ natural hair is boosted so much that it often starts to grow more quickly. This makes it ideal if you want to let your own hair grow enough to replace the hair extensions naturally over time. This type of hair extension can be added easily to straight and slightly wavy without the need for any additional treatment beforehand. When you come in for your free consultation to get assessed by our expert technician, they will take the time to consider the texture of your hair before recommending how best to proceed. In addition, if your own hair is currently too short or too damaged for this hair extension method than a keratin treatment could help to get it ready. How Long Do They Last For? Another piece of good news, is that the brazilian knot hair extensions are designed to last for several months once in place. This is one of the reasons why they are such a good choice for anyone looking for a reasonably semi permenant, long-term way of boosting their natural hair’s look, length and volume. In fact, they will stay looking fantastic for up to 5 to 6 months after being fitted, please consider carefully the hair you invest in, although it maybe costly, it will pay for itself in value by retaining its luster, viability and repeated use in future re-installments. During this time it is possible to style your hair in any way that you want, to color it and to do whatever you normally would to look after it. Even if are often subjected to extreme conditions of heat and cold or work out vigorously every day your brazilian knot hair extension won’t be adversely affected in any way at all. You can also use a hair dryer and hair straighteners on them in the way that you normally would without any worries. As mentioned earlier, ladies with Afro and mixed race hair may need to consider a straightening treatment such as keratin to keep their hair sleek and straight while they use these hair extensions. This isn’t going to affect how long the brazilian knots last for, though. The Maintenance Needed: * Please note no maintenance cost is listed as the nature of this method of hair extension requires a new installation. Another massive benefit to this kind of hair extension is that is virtually maintenance free. You don’t need to keep going back to the salon to get them fixed every few weeks or else carry out a strict maintenance routine at home. You can wash your hair as often as you like, style it any way you want to and color it , if that is what you want to do. Most women who get the brazilian knot hair extension just carry on looking after their hair in the way that they are used to. Apart from that, a few pointers to bear in mind includes using a metal prong hair brush (we sell these on our website) keeping the individual extensions from getting mixed in with other hair. When it comes to washing your hair there are no strict rules in places for this. However, the best piece of advice is to do this while standing in the shower as this will remove any risk of the extensions getting tangled up. We highly recommend our own signature hair extension shampoo, conditioner and hair butter mask to maintain the hair's luster. Getting Them Removed: The maximum time that it is recommended you use these hair extensions is around 5 to 6 months. If delicate care of your hair is not your thing, we advise 3 to 4 months for replacement. It is always best to get the brazilian knot hair extensions removed by a professional. The process is quick and simple but it definitely isn’t something to try at home or to get a friend to do. The entire removal process should take less than an hour and will leave your hair feeling completely undamaged. This is also a good moment to assess how your own hair has grown during these months and deciding whether it is now at a length you love or whether you want to get hair extensions added again straight away. If you want to get new brazilian knot hair extensions added again right away then it can be done. Indeed, it is regarded as being completely safe to use this type of hair extension consecutively for up to 5 years. You may need to consider another hair smoothing treatment such as brazilian blowout (we do offer this service) in order to better morph your own hair with the hair extension before re-installment, particularly if your natural hair is Afro and is starting to grow in curly again. Your hair extension expert will be able to advise you on the best way to get the look you are after once your hair extensions are safely removed. After this period our expert tech will assess both your hair and your scalp before adding them again.

Can I cancel or reschedule?

Yes, however you may be subject to a cancellation fee. Please read our salon policy on cancellation. Rescheduling is permitted but not on the day of the appointment, that would be consider a cancellation and subject to a cancellation fee.

What services are offered?

We are in fact a full service salon that is two entities in one - The Parlour Nolita Beauty Lounge and The Blowout Crazed Co. ( blow dry bar w/ makeup applications )

I am ready for fabulous hair! How do I secure an appointment?!

Your appointment is secured and guaranteed upon payment of the deposit via our book now button, which takes you to a real time calendar, this is for just the installation not the hair itself. Please be prepared upon consultation and secure your appointment to either have us purchase the hair on your behalf or have the hair the day of your appointment. Due to the high volume of requested appointments it is essential that an appointment is keeped.

Do you sell hair extension maintenance products?

Absolutely! Go to menu and select Shop, you will find all our signature products there. We sell Intense Moisture Shampoo, Intense Moisture Conditioner, Hair Mask, Hair Extension Brush, Hair Ext. Revitalizing Oil, Hair Ext. Detangling Mist, 100% Silk Pillows, Silk Hair Scrunchies and Silk Hair Bonnet.

What is Tape In Hair Extension and how long does it last?

The benefits of tape in hair extension has no bounds. They are incredibly easy to apply and remove, without damage to your hair and looks more natural because they lie almost completely flush against the head, whereas other types have thicker bases that stick out. Our experience here at Saxesburg Coiffure, is that a lot of our clients are all about buying tape in extensions over any other kind. The fast application of this method has made it super popular as it has brought the average time for getting extensions down from several hours to as little as 30 minutes. Tape In hair extensions allow for easy removal, the ability to reuse the hair and the ability to maximize placement options giving the client a more natural, clean look. Another great benefit of tape in hair extensions is the option to do a single sided tape installation, which is a great solution for women with very fine, thin hair. Do they really only take a half hour to install? They could, you won’t have to sit in the chair for very long at all. It’s an easier style and the application is quick, so the cost is less. Depending on how many extensions you want, usual application of tape-ins can be as fast as 45 minutes to an hour. You’ll be in and out of the salon in no time. Also, they are ideal for clients recovering from the aftermath of severe color breakage. If you’ve suffered from hair breakage due to extensions, tape-ins are a safer option for you. Maintence is very important with this method...six to eight weeks is the maximum that tape-ins should remain before being re-install/maintenance. There is no maintenance cost as this method is a new install each time, why?...more work is involve in the maintenance process actually - removal, retaping of tabs and removal of all residue of tape from the previous application can be very time consuming.

Are you a walk in salon?

We are! However, it is highly recommended to book an appointment online (preferrable) or call to secure an appointment.

Is a consultation prior to service available?

We strongly recommend new clients to schedule a consultation for transformational services. There is a fee for certain service types, i.e. hair extension that is credited to the cost of the service.

Form of payment accepted

All form of payment is accepted with the exception of any cash apps.